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Your product - our production.

The production of plastic products using the injection molding method has a whole series of advantages.
By entrusting the production of products to the company "Alteko Plast", which has all the necessary equipment and a lot of work experience, you will be able to pay special attention to marketing and sales. Not having to invest in the organization of the casting workshop, the liquidity of the company's assets is increased and it is possible to direct funds to the realization of new ideas and business development.

We offer a full cycle of outsourcing production of plastic products:
  • creation of a product together with the customer or reproduction of an existing product;
  • making a new mold for the product or using an already ready customer's mold;
  • production of plastic products using injection molding technology;
  • assembly and composition, if necessary; 
  • delivery of products to the customer and quality guarantee of delivered products;
  • additional services as needed.

What you get:
  • simple and understandable production process;
  • supplier's liability and product quality guarantee.
  • fast and quality product delivery;
  • stable price - when importing from countries outside the European Union, it will not be necessary to pay import duty and complete documentation;
  • the ability to quickly and effectively solve problems and start new projects;

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