Alteko Plast production

Alteko Plast production

In parallel with the fulfillment of customer orders,  Alteko Plast has also started production of its own products.

We manufacture our products by using injection molding technology. Our products are made from premium quality PA6, PA66 (Nylon) and PP produced in EU and USA. All of material used can be recycled. Polypropylene used in production of our goods is approved for usage in food industry. Still we do not recommend eating it.

Thanks to a wide range of materials, we are able to serve many different industries, e.g., the construction and building industry, automotive and electronics industries. Each of our products comes with a certificate and data sheet with detailed information about the product, its functions and storage.

Polyamide is a hygroscopic material - complicated material that requires a stabilization process. 

Therefore, after production, it is put in storage for a certain period of time (it is different for each product) until material gains max level of its qualities. 

After stabilization process, products are taken to our laboratory for testing - tension testing, elongation testing, temperature resistance tests, UV persistence testing. Product and packaging is also measured for moisture level in it and sizing fit.


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