Tile leveling system

Tile leveling system

Professional tile leveling system for floor tilers is made to ensure parallel joints and perfect leveled tiles. Anyone can bring flooring on the highest level with this tile leveling system. These products are used for precision mounting of tiles. They eliminate all possibilities of lippage between the tiles.

The high quality plastic (polypropylene) of our wedges allows a high strength and consistently transfer the clamping force during the entire assembly process.  The cone allows working with different tile thicknesses.

  • Re-useable
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect alignment
  • High quality product
  • Serrated surface
  • Can be recycled
  • Material approved for usage in food industry

Place the clip under the tile around 5 cm from the edge followed by the adjacent tile over top. Insert the wedge into the hole of the clip and tighten with pliers until the tiles are evenly aligned. After 24 hours kick the clip with your foot or strike with a rubber mallet in the direction of the joint. The tiles are now ready for grouting.

The pliers are made of galvanized steel, high-quality plastic and components, which ensures precision and durability for life-time use. The pliers can be adjusted individually depending on the tile thickness.

Tile leveling clips and wedges

Advantages of a tile leveling system (TLS).

The TLS helps to tightly press two adjacent tiles together, as a result of this:

  • the surface is as flat as possible, without drops and "steps"
  • the seams between the tiles are even
  • the tile does not "sag" either before or after the glue dries
  • In addition to the impeccable quality of work, the tile leveling system cuts the installation time by 2 times.

The TLS will also help to lay the tiles exactly for novice tilers and those who decide to make repairs on their own.
TLS is used for laying porcelain stoneware and tiles with a thickness of 4 - 12 mm.

Clips are intended for single use, wedges can be reused.

Use clips together with wedges!

Sizes and packaging of tile leveling clips

Tile leveling clips are available in the following sizes:

1mm - green. Available in packages of 100 pcs (in a bag), 500 pcs (in a bag)

1.5mm - blue.   Available in packages of 100 pcs (in a bag), 500 pcs (in a bag)

2mm - yellow.   Available in packages of 100 pcs (in a bag), 500 pcs (in a bag)

3mm - red. Available in packages of 100 pcs (in a bag), 500 pcs (in a bag)

Wedges - orange. Available in packages of 50 pcs (in a bag), 200 pcs (in a bag)

Calculation of the number of TLS clamps pcs / m2, based on the size of the tiles:

We recommend taking the number of clips on the basis of the summary table and plus 5-10% of the estimated quantity for stock.
The number of wedges is purchased at your own discretion (since the wedge is a reusable element of the system), usually 1/3 of the total number of clamps.