Screw saddle cable supports

Screw saddle cable support to be used with screw and wall plug for fixing a large diameter cables and pipes to the wall using a tie cable tie to the wall.

These Supports made of - Nylon, that has wide temperature range: -40…+80°C and holds up to 45kg load on the Support. Soft product, at the same time, are capable of withstanding a fairly large load during operation.

The Support keeps the cable away from contact with the wall, thus guarding electrical cable insulation.

Manufacturing Certificate ISO 9001: 2015 MSC-9-575

Use indoors / outdoors is allowed.
Flame retardant class UL94-V2.


The bag of screw saddle cable supports are sold in contains all the necessary information in a single glance.
Printed on the label are the dimensions of screw saddle cable support, the usage temperature, code and EAN. It is a high quality plastic bag that ensures water tightness to maintain the recommended humidity level.


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